ZD-PhMW2 10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor Module 1
ZD-PhMW2 10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor Module 2
ZD-PhMW2 10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor Module 1
ZD-PhMW2 10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor Module 2

ZD-PhMW2 10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor Module

ZD-PhMW2 is a microwave radar sensor module based on X-band radar chips and with 10.525GHz as its centre frequency. It features constant frequency and directional transmitting and receiving antennas(1TIR) and functions IF demodulation, signal amplification and digital processing. What’s more, the open of communication serial port enable the module to be equipped with many functions such as delay setting and adjustable sensing range, so that the users can adjust the parameters independently. Unaffected by external influences such as temperature, humidity, fumes and so on makes it an ideal embedded solution, especially the used in non-contact sensory control applications such as local space lighting or advertising machines.



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    Achieving the detection of motion and micro-motion according to the Doppler radar law.

    Wall-mounted or embedded installation.

    Low-energy and high and low level output.

    Interference immunity, spurious , high stability and consistency.

    Spurious wave and high harmonic suppression.

    Quick response: 0-second response time.

    Non-contact interaction: proximity waving hand response.

    Can penetrate thin non-metallic materials such as plastic and glass.

    Microwave Radar Sensor Module

    Operating range

    Supply voltage range: DC 3.3V-12V (5V recommended).

    Working temperature range: -20-60℃.

    Working humidity: 10-95%RH .


    Microwave Radar Sensor Module
    Smart Building
    The development of technology in large strides has enabled the combination of wireless sensor network with IOT technology. Smart buildings, which connect building operations through IoT, simplify tasks like controlling building temperature, security and maintenance through mobile devices and computers. Through microwave radar sensor module, we can determine the location and movement of objects, which can be used to optimize building operations, such as adjusting lighting or HVAC systems based on occupancy patterns, improving security monitoring as well as managing space utilization.
    Microwave Radar Module
    Smart Homes
    With the continuous maturity of radar technology and the growing development of smart home, the use of microwave radar modules in smart home systems for various applications including security, motion sensing, occupancy detection, and energy saving will become an important part of people's lives in the future to enable homes to become more efficient, secure and convenient.
    Microwave Radar Sensor Switch Module
    Smart Plugs
    The smart plug is a power switch which can be accessed via NFC connection, through smart plugs, users can use smart plug as lighting switch, timing switch, infrared controller and temp regulator, which is designed to improve the quality of life and make it more comfortable and smart.
    Microwave Radar Sensor
    Smart Lighting
    Smart lighting systems can incorporate microwave radar modules for motion detection and occupancy sensing. Microwave radar sensor module emits microwave signals to detect the presence and movement of people, pets, or vehicles, which can trigger the smart lighting system to turn on, dim, or turn off the lights based on occupancy and activity in a room or outdoor area. And they are designed to be highly sensitive, reliable, and suitable for detecting motion through walls, doors, and other obstacles.
    Microwave Radar Sensor Module
    Smart Advertising Machines
    When the microwave radar modules detect the presence of people, they will send a trigger signal to the advertising machine, so that the machines automatically turn on the bright screen; when people leave, they will send another trigger signal to the advertising machine to automatically turn off the bright screen. In this way, the control of the advertising machine display will be more automatic, efficient and energy-saving.
    Microwave Radar Sensor Module
    Smart Pet Feeder
    The microwave radar sensor module can be integrated into the smart pet feeder as a motion detector to automatically dispense food or treats when the pet is nearby, as well as providing healthy eating advice with the owners. Moreover, it also allows remote viewing of the pet's movements so that owners can better know their pet's condition. In this way, those who are busy can save time and better take care of their pets.
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