Design integration services and complete product development services

Whether you need a product customized, require design integration services or need complete product development services, Joinet will always use in-house expertise to meet customers’ design concepts and specific performance requirements. And through 22 years development, Joinet is equipped with all the capabilities necessary to make what you need come true. We have our factory and are a IoT Solution provider that offers modules, OEM&ODM, SMT, DIP, PCBA test and so on-all under one roof. By working with one single partner, you will accelerate your time to market, reduce risk and significantly reduce costs. At present, we provide OEM, ODM, and custom IoT development services.
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Joinet has its production lines, factories and cooperates with many well-known domestic enterprises. We offer a range of services for custom IoT development to help you reduce the time it takes to develop and manage concepts into final products.
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ODM requires a multi-faceted R&D team with diverse skill sets to bring final products to market on time and on budget. Joinet’s experienced team and comprehensive engineering services make us an ideal choice for you.
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Why choose Joinet’s OEM services

Joinet was set up in 2001 and has achieved great development in the past twenty years. We have our own equipment and factory, and our production capacities have been continuously improved. While at the same time we have built long term and deep cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises. 

22 years technology precipitation + Brand power + Different equipment and own factory + Introduction of new technology + The whole process service and after-sales+Failure analysis
Products and services
Material check + Module welding + Product testing + Product Tracking
Joinet provides custom IoT development
Joinet IoT device manufacturer in China
Why choose Joinet’s ODM services

With two decades of expertise, we can identify which technology will best meet the needs of you and can support your full product development needs. Our R&D team members all come from national universities and have been dedicated to the development of technologies used in IoT. 

22 years technology precipitation+Brand power+Excellent R&D team + Introduction of new technology + Advance R&D equipment
Corporate Honours 
  RFID IOT+”Engineering Center 
  IOT application technology and smart labeling 
  Key Enterprise Technology Centre
Our customized process
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Demand research + Demand estimation + Demand confirmation + Project setting + Programme design.
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Schematic design + PCB Layou t+ Craft design + RF antenna design + Sample production
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Communication protocols + Embedded software developmen t+ APP front-end development + Interaction design + Systems architecture
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Engineering verification + Design verification + Product verification + Bulk production
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Functional testing + Performance testing + Aging testing + System integration testing
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Whether you need a custom IoT module, design integration services or complete product development services, Joinet IoT device manufacturer will always draw on in-house expertise to meet customers' design concepts and specific performance requirements.
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