NFC Drip Adhesive Smart Card 1
NFC Drip Adhesive Smart Card 1

NFC Drip Adhesive Smart Card

Joinet's NFC drip adhesive smart card adopts imported environmentally friendly materials, has excellent anti-surge capability, and supports the products of global mainstream CPU chip manufacturers such as NXP and TI.


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    Adopting imported environmentally friendly materials that compliant with EU ROHS environmental standards..

    Waterproof, dustproof, anti-magnetic and high temperature resistant.

    Featuring excellent anti-surge capability and is insensitive to metals and battery type media.

    Support mainstream CPU chip manufacturers' products worldwide such as NXP, TI and so on, so that the security of personal data is guaranteed.


    As a contactless identification and interconnection technology, Joinet's NFC drip adhesive smart card adopts close wireless communication technology and can be widely used in mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs and smart control tools to achieve near field wireless communication.

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    Our NFC drip adhesive smart card is RFID compatible for use across mobile terminals, consumer electronics, computer platforms and smart control tools to make our life more intelligent. For one thing, once your phone is set up according to your needs and is put next to the electronic label, everything set out above will be executed automatically, while another one is proximity payments achieved between the mobile phone and the POS.

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