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Joinet was set up in 2001 and has achieved great development in the past twenty years. As a professional IoT module manufacturer, We have our own equipment and factory and provide a series of related services, and our business has cover WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, NFC modules, microwave radar modules, off-line voice recognition modules as well as RFID labels. And Joinet IoT module manufacturer sincerely hopes to cooperate with our customers at home and abroad to create a better intelligent life together.

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Whether you need a custom IoT module, design integration services or complete product development services, Joinet IoT device manufacturer will always draw on in-house expertise to meet customers' design concepts and specific performance requirements.
Contact with us
Contact person: Sylvia Sun
Tel: +86 199 2771 4732
WhatsApp:+86 199 2771 4732
Foshan City, Nanhai District, Guicheng Street, No. 31 East Jihua Road, Tian An Center, Block 6, Room 304, Foshan City, Runhong Jianji Building Materials Co.
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