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Joinet has long-term and in-depth cooperation with fortune 500 and industry leading enterprises such as Canon, Panasonic, Jabil and so on. Its products have been widely used in Internet of things, smart home, smart water purifier, smart kitchen appliances, consumable life-cycle management and other application scenarios, focusing on IOT to make everything more intelligent. And our customized services are widely popular with many enterprises such as Midea, FSL and so on. (suppliers+partners)
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Corporate honours
Since establishment, we have passed many authoritative certifications, the patents and awards of us has also driven our further development. 
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One-solution services
Joinet was set up in 2001 and has achieved great development in the past twenty years. We have our own equipment and factory and provide a series of related services,including SMT, DIP, PCBA, spraying and gluing, reliable testing, finished products assembly and Quality Management System.
We provide our customers with high-end SMT processing services, we are equipped with several fully automatic high-speed SMT Fuji NXT II, the newest high-speed SMT product line of YAMAHA, Fully automatic PCB assembly machine, plasma cleaner, X-RAY and so on. Additionally we support the SMT of precision electronic components such as 0201 component and QFN.
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SMT processing services
● Controlling IQC incoming inspection, IPQC inspection, QQC ex-factory inspection and other important manufacturing process.
● Equipped with a professional R&D and engineering team to docking customer’s engineering documentation
● Monitoring PMC production process to prove on-time delivery
● Using ESD protective pearl cotton or static bags for packing to ensure safe transport
SMT production capacity
● Mountable PCB hardboard, PCB softboard(FPC) and both 
● Smallest package available 0201CHIP/0.35 PITCH BGA
● Accuracy of mounting smallest devices:±0.04MM
● Accuracy of IC mounting:±0.03MM
● Mounting PCB size:L50*W50MM-L50*W460MM
● Mounting PCB thickness: 0.3MM-4.5MM
● Impedance 0.3%
As a part of PCBA, DIP refers to large-size components need manual plug-ins instead of machine mounting, and they will become final products through wave soldering.
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Fully automatic lead-free wave soldering
WINDOWSXP operation system +PLC control system
Pre-heating zone adopts three-stage circulation design featuring adjustable speed and micro hot air for better heating and accurate temperature control
PID self-feedback algorithms is used to control the temperature of tin between±1°and Tin can be added automatically
Automatically record device status and set permissions for different users
 Adhesives, solder paste or their mixtures are used
Minimum interval of weldable parts terminals
On-line AOI inspection
No requirements of any parameters, one smart search for more than 80 devices
SPC management statements can be produced
Support bar code identification and MES system interfaces
Real-time quality control
It means the procedure firing PCBA board and the test of path, current,  voltage, pressure and son on to make sure the final products function well. According to customers’ test points, procedure and test procedure to make FCT test smelter for test.
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Test principles
Connecting the test points of the PCBA board to form a complete path through FCT test bench, and then to connect computer together with burns and upload MCU program. The MCU program captures the input actions of the users and controls the switch of nearby circuit. Finally, the whole test of PCBA board will be finished by observing the voltage and current of test points in the FCT test bench and verifying whether the input and output actions is consistent with design.
PCBA Test Stands
Metal soldering pins connect the solder pads or test points of the PCB board, when powered on, typical values such as voltage,current will be acquired to check whether the values of the test devices are right. And our stands are customized according to the size of PCBA board, the position of measurement points and the values to be tested
4.Spraying and gluing:
To meet the needs of our customers' products for environmental applications, we are equipped with three-proof automatic spraying production equipment.
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The advantages of automatic spraying
● The traditional hand-spraying may have some drawbacks such as poor consistency, uneven thicknesses, which can be avoided through  automatic spraying featuring fast speed and high reliability.
The advantages of tri-proof paint
● It is specially designed to protect the circuit boards or other devices from corrosion. And the paint will forms a transparent protective film after curing(the color can be customized). And it can proof dust, leak, moisture, corona and so on.
Inject Polyurethane potting adhesives, silicone potting adhesives, epoxy resin potting adhesives into devices with electronic components or routes. And then it turns into thermosetting polymer insulation material with excellent properties for bonding, sealing and coating protection. And at the same time we also provide customized services.
The functions of gluing
●  Reinforce electronics as a whole to improve resistance of external shocks
●  Improve the insulation of internal components and routes to be a small form
●  Avoid direct exposure of components and routes to improve water, moisture and dust resistance of the device
5.Reliable testing:
5.We can provide reliable testing with our customers to check the reliability and stability of our products under specific environments. According to our customers’ needs, we put our PCBA or products into specific temperature and humidity conditions to operate for 8 hours to 168 hours. And our test usually include drop testing, vibration testing, salt spray testing and so on. We can also commission third party testing if need.
The steps of reliable testing:
Put the function boards into aging room of the same temperature 
The PCBA is in operation
The temperature of aging rooms should be set according to the prescribed rate
When the temperature of aging rooms is stable, PCBA continues to operate for 8 hours to 168 hours under the setting temperature
Continue to observe and record data
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6.Finished products assembly:
we also provide finished products assembly service. After assembling PCBA board, housing and wires together, a complete set of product is finished for end-use. And we have pass ISO9001:2015Quality Management System and LATF16949 Automotive Electronics Quality Certification. And during the process of PCBA, we strictly implement SOP industry standards, AOI,ICT, FCT,QC full check, QA online sampling, OBA sampling and so on. 
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The advantages of finished products assembly
Timely counting the defective items during the assembly process
QC 100% full inspection, sampling QA according to customers’ opinions or AQL standard. 
Quality department conducts OBA out-of-box inspections
● R&D capacity
● New technology introduction capabilities:introduction of technology solution development and chip partner 
● Complete lifecycle services for new products: POC - EVT - DVT - PVT - MP
● Failure analysis: Connecting DFME and PFMEA together to improve product quality, reduce costs and shorten development cycles
● R&D team: Our R&D team members all graduate from national universities and most of them have been in IOT industry for decades of years
● Patents: For years we have been awarded many patents
Professional Equipment
Production equipment:
as a company with our own factory, we are equipped with a series of production facilities, such as: off-line coding machine+ fully automatic boarding machine + high-speed general-purpose machines FuJiXP243E+ High-speed bonder FuJiNXT IIC  +Fully automatic slitting machines+ICT
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Testing equipment:
to verify the performance and functionality of our products, Joinet has introduced a lot of advanced testing equipment to meet our needs, such as ESD electrostatic tester +Leakage Tester +Pressure resistance tester +Abrasion resistance tester +Wireless connection tester  +UV Aging Tester
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Well-established supplier systems+Software update support with low cost
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Locate in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area+Sea, land and air transport
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T+3 on-time delivery+ 7*12 hours online+ Continuous improvement of PDCA
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Connect everything, connect the world.
Whether you need a custom IoT module, design integration services or complete product development services, Joinet IoT device manufacturer will always draw on in-house expertise to meet customers' design concepts and specific performance requirements.
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