ZD-FN4 NFC Reader Dual Interface Module 1
ZD-FN4 NFC Reader Dual Interface Module 2
ZD-FN4 NFC Reader Dual Interface Module 3
ZD-FN4 NFC Reader Dual Interface Module 1
ZD-FN4 NFC Reader Dual Interface Module 2
ZD-FN4 NFC Reader Dual Interface Module 3

ZD-FN4 NFC Reader Dual Interface Module

AS a highly-integrated non-contact communication module, ZD-FN4 NFC reader module works below 13.56MHz and support two kinds of operation modes -the mode that conforms to ISO/IEC 14443 Type A protocol and the mode conforming to ISO/IEC 14443 Type B  protocol. What’s more, ZD-FN4 NFC reader module features low voltage, low power consumption, high drive capability, multi-interface support and multi-protocol support, which is applicable to contactless readers requiring low power consumption, low voltage and low cost requirements. And it is designed for a wide range of scenarios and equipment such as household appliances, water purifiers and so on.


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    Standards supported

    ISO/IEC 14443 Type A protocol.

    ISO/IEC 14443 Type B protocol.

    Support encrypted read access to electronic tags, one password for one card to ensure high security.

    Support the complete reading and writing systems of NFC Forum Type2 Tag standard.

    ZD-FN4 NFC Reader Module
    NFC non-contact communication module


    Anti-collision function.

    RF communication parameters can be individually configured via AT commands to effectively reduce EMI.

    Built-in filtering circuits to promote the suppression of RF signals through the communication interface and prevent the leakage of power circuits.


    Smart Homes
    With the continuous maturity of NFC technology and the growing development of smart home, the use of NFC technology to control home systems on smartphones will become an important part of people's lives in the future. NFC, a technology which allows two compatible devices to communicate over short range radio waves when placed near each other, has been widely used in increasing home automation and convenience. Specially, with the help of an NFC module, homeowners can use their smartphones or NFC-enabled devices to interact with compatible smart home devices, additionally, NFC modules can enable personalized and context-aware interactions with smart home devices.
    Smart Water Purifier
    With growing development of urbanization, industrialization, and population, the quality of water has become a major concern, which has greatly increase the demand of smart water purifier. In the meantime, quality problems such as counterfeit cartridges have followed, with NFC module, each tagged item has a unique ID number securely embedded inside and can be identified at any time to verify that they are genuine. What’s more, by integrating an NFC module, smart purifiers can be controlled through a contactless interface and notifications can be directly sent to the users' smartphones or tablets.
    Smart Kitchen Appliances
    Nowadays, NFC connectivity plays a major role in the delivery of a new generation of cordless kitchen appliances which works in conjunction with wireless power transmitter hotspots built into kitchen work surfaces. In addition to controlling the amount of power that is transferred, NFC modules can be used to connect smart kitchen appliances to other devices and systems in the home, which allows for greater integration between different devices and more personalized and efficient control over the home.
    Consumable Lifecycle Management
    Due to the cost-saving benefits, time-saving automated processes and accuracy in data management, consumable lifecycle management products are becoming increasingly popular. By NFC modules, users can track the item's journey from production to consumption, which allows them to monitor expiration dates, quality, and other important information, they can even receive alerts when the item is about to expire or needs to be replaced to better make use of the items.
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