Clothing RFID Electronic Labels 1
Clothing RFID Electronic Labels 1

Clothing RFID Electronic Labels

Our clothing RFID electronic labels are customized available, which can print personalized graphics, logos and texts in low cost and mass production. And the content can be re-entered to improve the grade of goods.


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    Price indication of goods such as clothing, footwear and hats.

    Commodity information management.

    Case study

    The users provide needed information such as seasonal clothing requirements and electronic tag uniqueness codes. After that, the labeling manufacturer is in charge of a series of workflows, including the production of garment hanger tags, the writing of electronic labels and the printing of hanger tags, so that the label will be hung on the corresponding garment to achieve inbound, picking, stocktaking, outbound and distribution RFID readers. In this way, the users can achieve accurate data collection on the flow of clothing at all stages of the supply chain efficiently, so as to further to improve the consumer experience.

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