ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module 1
ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module 2
ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module 3
ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module 4
ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module 1
ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module 2
ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module 3
ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module 4

ZD-FN3 NFC Dual Interface Module

Compliant with ISO/IEC14443-A protocol, our 2nd generation module - ZD-FN3, is designed for proximity data communication. What’s more, as a module integrating channel functionality and dual interface labeling functionality, it is applicable to a wide range of scenarios and equipment such as attendance machines, advertising machines, mobile terminals and other devices for human-machine interaction.


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    Standards supported

    Support two operating mode: ISO14443-3 and ISO14443-4.

    Support quick anti-collision function.

    Support 12C external communication interface.


    Operating range

    Supply voltage range: 2.2V-3.6V .

    Supply communication rate:100K-400k.

    Working temperature range: -40-85℃.

    Working humidity: ≤95%RH .


    Smart Homes
    With the continuous maturity of NFC technology and the growing development of smart home, the use of NFC technology to control home systems on smartphones will become an important part of people's lives in the future. NFC, a technology which allows two compatible devices to communicate over short range radio waves when placed near each other, has been widely used in increasing home automation and convenience. Specially, with the help of an NFC module, homeowners can use their smartphones or NFC-enabled devices to interact with compatible smart home devices, additionally, NFC modules can enable personalized and context-aware interactions with smart home devices.
    Smart Door Locks
    With the increasing awareness of safety, smart door locks have become more and more popular. When combining with NFC module, smart door locks can get rid of the rely on energy source and can create a highly secure and convenient access control system, so that users can control access to their home or business by allowing only authorized individuals to enter.
    Smart Kitchen Appliances
    Nowadays, NFC connectivity plays a major role in the delivery of a new generation of cordless kitchen appliances which works in conjunction with wireless power transmitter hotspots built into kitchen work surfaces. In addition to controlling the amount of power that is transferred, NFC modules can be used to connect smart kitchen appliances to other devices and systems in the home, which allows for greater integration between different devices and more personalized and efficient control over the home.
    Personal Exercise
    NFC is a wireless communication standard which enables two devices in a short range to establish a communication channel within a short period of time. Through NFC modules, users can track fitness data such as such as heart rate and calories burned and share workout information, which will be more convenient and available for users.
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