ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader 1
ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader 2
ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader 3
ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader 4
ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader 1
ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader 2
ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader 3
ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader 4

ZD-FN5 NFC Multi-Tag Reader

ZD-FN5 NFC is a highly-integrated non-contact communication module working under 13.56MHz. The ZD-FN5 NFC is fully certified, supports 16 NPC tags and ISO/IEC 15693 protocols, while at the same time it supports for working in low temperature environments, making it an ideal embedded solution.


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    Standards supported

    Support the complete reading and writing systems of NFC Forum Type2 Tag standard.

    Support labels: ST25DV series/ ICODE SLIX.

    Anti-collision function.

    Pro5-xj1 (2)

    Operating range

    Input supply voltage: DC 12V.

    Working temperature range: -20-85℃.

    Number of tags read/write: 16pcs(with the size of 26*11mm).


    Smart Homes
    With the continuous maturity of NFC technology and the growing development of smart home, the use of NFC technology to control home systems on smartphones will become an important part of people's lives in the future. NFC, a technology which allows two compatible devices to communicate over short range radio waves when placed near each other, has been widely used in increasing home automation and convenience. Specially, with the help of an NFC module, homeowners can use their smartphones or NFC-enabled devices to interact with compatible smart home devices, additionally, NFC modules can enable personalized and context-aware interactions with smart home devices.
    Smart Home Appliances
    The vision of smart home is coming due to the quick development of technology, especially the home appliances. NFC module is designed to simplify the process of controlling the appliances, while at the same time can also be expanded to manage other household appliances as well as to use sensors for home security and safety.
    Smart Fridge
    Based on the demand of market, Joinet designs the ZD-FN5 that can provide real-time information on the ingredients in the fridge in real time. After which the customer's master control is connected to the module via the IIC. While at the same time we provide customized services according to customer product dimensions.
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