IOT HAS GOOD TREND in the 5G era


The Internet of Things is the foundation of digital transformation and a key force in achieving the transformation of old and new driving forces. It is of great significance for China's economy to transition from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. With the strong support of national policies and the gradual maturity of technology, the driving force for the development of the Internet of Things industry is becoming stronger and the development momentum is getting better and better.

IOT HAS GOOD TREND in the 5G era 1 


With the gradual maturity and accelerated commercialization of 5G technology, the integration of 5G with the popular AIoT industry is becoming increasingly close. Its focus on scenario based applications will promote the extension of the IoT industry chain to the ubiquitous IoT industry ecosystem, promote the innovative development of the 5G industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the IoT industry, and achieve a "1+1>2" effect. 

In terms of capital, according to IDC data, China's IoT expenditure has exceeded $150 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $306.98 billion by 2025. Additionally, IDC predicts that in 2024, the manufacturing industry will have the largest proportion of expenditure in the Internet of Things industry, reaching 29%, followed by government expenditure and consumer expenditure, at approximately 13%/13%, respectively.

In terms of industry, as a channel for intelligent upgrading in various traditional industries, 5G+AIoT has been implemented on a large scale in industrial, smart security and other scenarios on the To B/To G end; On the To C side, smart homes are also constantly gaining consumer recognition. These are also in line with the new information consumption upgrading action proposed by the country, the deepening action of industry integration and application, and the inclusive action of social livelihood services.

With the popularization of 5G technology and the development of Internet of Things technology, future intelligent manufacturing will present the following trends:

High degree of automation and intelligence: Combining artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, future intelligent manufacturing will achieve a higher degree of automation and intelligence.

Customized production: With the help of Internet of Things technology, enterprises can collect and analyze consumer data in real time, provide consumers with more personalized products and services, and achieve customized production.

Industry chain collaboration: The high-speed transmission and data processing achieved through 5G technology will make the collaboration of the entire industry chain more efficient and accurate. 

Data analysis and optimization: By combining big data and artificial intelligence technology, future intelligent manufacturing will achieve real-time analysis of massive data, drive decision-making with data, and optimize production and management processes.

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