Fitness & health and IoT

The fitness and health market demands solutions that incorporate integration, flexibility and efficiency. IoT devices and applications have made it possible to collect, store, and manage health data in real-time, providing individuals with greater personalization and control over their own health. For years, Joinet has actively invested in new technology which broadens our portfolio to support applications such as.
Personal care and IoT
In recent years, driven by the increasing consumer awareness of personal hygiene and the rise in disposable incomes, the personal care market has become more and more popular. The global personal care products market is valued at USD 482.75 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% during the forecast period. For years, Joinet has made great achievement in the personal care industry.

Smart toothbrush solution

According to our data, more than 60% people of the world suffer from oral problems, which has promoted the development of oral care products, especially smart toothbrush. Compared to traditional toothbrush, smart toothbrush integrates sensors and connectivity features together to allow users to track their brushing habits and receive real-time feedback. This functionality helps users optimize their brushing techniques, minimizing the risk of oral health issues such as cavities and gum disease.

As a all-in-one company, Joinet provides Bluetooth module to smarten up the toothbrush, and based on our experience in IoT, we can offer our customers one-stop solution, including produce, control panel, module and solution. Based on ZD-PYB1 Bluetooth module, we can provide complete PCBA solution to achieve the functions of switch, mode settings, brushing time transmission and so on without the need of external MCU, which will be simpler, cheaper and more reliable. What’s more, after cooperation with us, the customers can acquire the entire material such as hardware schematic, which will significantly reduce the costs for customers. 

Our products
Based on ultra-low energy consumption chip PHY6222, ZD-PYB1 is equipped with excellent performance of RF transceivers and ARM@ Cortexᵀᴹ-M032 bit MCU processing capability, which greatly enrich the development features and meet the requirements of peripherals. What’s more, it supports serial port debugging and JLink SWD,

which provides a flexible and powerful mechanism for program code debug since the developer can easily add break point to the code and perform single-step debugging. And the module supports Bluetooth 5.1/5.0 core specification and integrates MCU to Bluetooth-enabled protocol stack.






BLE 5.1

External interface




Supply voltage range

1.8V-3.6V, 3.3V typical

Working temperature range




Package (mm)


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