ZD-RWB1 Low Power WiFi Module 1
ZD-RWB1 Low Power WiFi Module 2
ZD-RWB1 Low Power WiFi Module 1
ZD-RWB1 Low Power WiFi Module 2

ZD-RWB1 Low Power WiFi Module

Including low-energy power KM4 MCU, WLAN MAC, and 1T1R WLAN, Realtek RTL8720 ZD-RWB1 is designed to reach 100MHz and equips with built-in 256K SRAM, while the chip is embedded with 2Mbyte flash and a large number of peripheral resources. As an RTOS platform, Joinet's ZD-RWB1 low power WiFi module integrates the function library of WiFi MAC and TCP/IP protocol. Users can make it an ideal embedded WiFi solution according to their own needs.


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    Standards supported

    Support safety mode of WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA2 PSK(AES).

    Support Bluetooth4.2 Low Energy.

    Support SmartConfig function, Android and IOS equipment are included.

    Under the mode of 802.11b, the output power can reach +20dBm.


    Operating range

    Supply voltage range: 3V-3.6V .

    Working temperature range: -20-85℃.


    Smart Security
    Nowadays, guaranteeing security and safety of human have become an unavoidable necessity. Developments in smart home automation and embedded system has promoted the development of smart security. By using a WiFi module, smart security systems can offer functions such as remote access, real-time notifications, and cloud storage for recorded videos and images. Users can monitor their homes or businesses through their smartphones or computers and receive alerts when motion is detected or when preset events occur.
    Smart Home
    The continuous improvement of technology drives home conditions to be more comfortable and convenient, through a home network of bus home devices connected to the information related to the implementation of network monitoring and control, smart home works to manage centralized or off-site. When combining together with WiFi modules, users can remotely control and monitor their home devices through a mobile app on their smartphone or tablet.
    Smart Plugs
    The combination of WiFi modules and smart plugs allow people to do things in a few simple and convenient way to conserve energy and reduce waste. When smart plug is embedded with WiFi module, its wireless signal strength is much stronger for the server to response faster. What’s more, the WiFi module receives information from the users and then sends them to the smart plug, enabling the user to turn the device on or off or adjust its settings from anywhere with an internet connection.
    Smart Lighting
    Nowadays, the growing demand for electrical energy has caused some problems, while one of the most significant energy consumers is lighting. To deal with the problem, the combination of WiFi modules and smart lighting is more and more popular. Since the lights can sensed and controlled remotely to change its brightness level, colors and states, which further results in improved efficiency, accurate control and economic benefit.
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