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Nowadays, guaranteeing security and safety of human have become an unavoidable necessity. Developments in smart home automation and embedded system has promoted the development of smart security. For years, Joinet has been committed to adopting solutions in smart security.
Smart NFC passive locks solution

The increasing adoption of smart home technologies and the growing demand for convenient and secure access control solutions has drove the growth of passive locks. According to a recent market research report by Marketsandmarkets, the global market for smart locks, which includes NFC passive locks, is projected to grow from $1.2 billion in 2020 to $4.2 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.9%.

By embedding ZD-NFC Lock2 in the passive locks, users can control the locks through the NFC of the smart phone or handheld services to achieve the data interactions between passive locks and services. What’s more, the app can send the data to the product ends through the control of switch.The manufactures can customize the panels and self-develop their own App and cloud platform, and we can provide the complete App for references. And our solution can improve the level of intelligence and turn the use of Bluetooth intelligence to NFC intelligence to achieve the goat of intelligent unlocking without electricity.

Implant NFC tag as receiving source, use the operators’ clients as small transmitters and open the locks based on the principles of electromagnetic induction.
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Operational task management; permission identification; wireless power supply; behaviour recording function.
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Totally enclosed design;waterproof; rustproof and corrosion resistant.
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Our products
The NFC padlock is controlled by a special app of smartphones, the NFC sensing technology transmits unlocking signals and provides unlocking power,

which have many advantages, such as enabling intelligent management of mechanical locks in stations, reducing the risk of operator and faulty operation of grid equipment, to further ensure the safe and stable operation of the grid.


ZD-PE Lock2


ISO/IEC 14443-A

Working frequency


Supply voltage range


External switching signal detection

1 Road


Motherboard: 28.5*14*1.0mm

Antennae board


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