HF NFC Smart Card 1
HF NFC Smart Card 1

HF NFC Smart Card

NFC smart card features close proximity, high bandwidth and low energy consumption and stands out for its safety, which is specially designed for the transmission of sensitive information or personal data. Since NFC smart card is compatible with existing contactless smart card technology, it has become an official standard supported by an increasing number of major manufacturers. What’s more, NFC smart card functionality can achieve a variety of applications such as consumption and access control in one.


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    Security technology for reliable data communication.

    16 independent sectors with a security protection structure.

    2.11 Highly reliable EEPROM read/write control circuitry.

    The number of eras is more than 100,000 times.

    10 year data retention.

    Support a wide range of applications.

    NFC Smart Card - Joinet Custom NFC Card Supplier


    Access control systems: The users can open the door by holding the card close to the reader, which is more convenient and secure than the traditional one.

    Public transport system: Through holding their card close to the card reader, the users can easily pay their fares.

    E-Wallet: Users can make payments and transfers by holding the card close to the reader.

    Wellness Management: The doctor can store the patient's health data on the card, so that the patient can access to it by the use of the card.

    Shopping Privileges:Merchants can store offers on the card, so that the users can get the information through the card.

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