How to Choose a More Suitable Bluetooth Module?


As an emerging short-range wireless communication module, the Bluetooth module has been widely used in more and more fields including smart home, medical equipment, and new retail. It provides low-cost, low-power, and short-range wireless communication, and constitutes a personal network in a communication environment between fixed and mobile devices, enabling seamless resource sharing of various information devices within a short distance. Since there are many different sizes and types of Bluetooth modules on the market, the market competition is intensified and the selection difficulty is also increased. So, how can we choose a more suitable Bluetooth module?

In fact, no matter what type of Bluetooth module it is, its structure is very different. You may wish to analyze and consider from the following angles:

1. Chip: a powerful chip is a powerful guarantee for the performance of the Bluetooth module.

2. Size: Today's smart IoT devices pursue small size, and the internal component structure also requires the smaller the size, the better.

3. Stability: Nowadays, many processes have higher and higher requirements for the fine operation of equipment, especially the communication modules in industrial systems, which pay special attention to stability and monitoring. The host system needs to know the working status of the Bluetooth module at any time. If it is a high-quality Bluetooth module, it needs to be able to provide effective internal and external working status indication signals at the same time. In addition, it also needs to provide various signals such as link control.

4. Transmission distance: Bluetooth is mainly divided into two power levels. The standard communication distance of level 1 is 100 meters, and the standard communication distance of level 2 is 10 meters. It should be noted that the power of level 1 is higher than that of level 2, the communication distance is longer, and the corresponding level 1 radiation is larger. In the actual application of Bluetooth solutions, developers need to understand the environment in which the product is located and whether long-distance transmission is required, so as to determine which Bluetooth module meets the data transmission requirements based on the distance. For some products that do not need to be operated over a long distance, such as wireless mice, wireless headsets, etc., we can choose modules with relatively short transmission distances, such as modules greater than 10 meters; for products that require long distances, modules with transmission distances greater than 50 meters can be selected.

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5. Power consumption: The Bluetooth Low Energy Module(BLE module) is famous for its low power consumption, but it has a variety of working states, including broadcasting, continuous transmission, deep sleep, standby state, etc. The power consumption in each state is different.

6. Cost: price is the biggest concern of many smart IoT device manufacturers. The original manufacturer of the Bluetooth module has an obvious price advantage. The selected merchants should be able to strictly control the quality of the modules, and provide pre-sales and after-sales technical support. There is a regular inventory of modules to ensure that low-cost, cost-effective Bluetooth modules are available.

7. Strong function: a good Bluetooth module should have good anti-interference ability, can be used in different communication environments, and can be connected to a variety of devices, and can be connected synchronously; strong penetration, Bluetooth signals can penetrate most non-metallic objects; transmission security, through customized encryption and decryption algorithms and authentication mechanisms to ensure the security of transmission.

Then, if you want to choose a suitable Bluetooth module, you can start from the above aspects, or you can choose a reliable Bluetooth module manufacturer. The Bluetooth module has a great advantage that it can be deployed quickly. If the wired communication method is used, it is necessary to erect cables or dig cable trenches at the time of establishment, which requires a lot of effort. In contrast, using the Bluetooth module to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission mode greatly saves manpower, material resources and investment.

Joinet has been focusing on R&D and innovation in the field of low-power Bluetooth modules for many years. The Bluetooth modules produced have the advantages of stable transmission rate, low power consumption, and support for multiple communication protocols. They are designed for low-power devices such as sensors, fitness trackers, and other IoT devices that require minimal power consumption and long battery life. As a professional Bluetooth module manufacturer, Joinet provides customers with customized BLE module services. Welcome to contact us for more details about bluetooth module.

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