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With the rapid growth of IoT devices, device management strategies are becoming increasingly important for Industrial IoT deployments. This explosive growth in the home, transportation, security, healthcare and other industries has created a greater need for scalable, turnkey IoT device management technologies.

Set yourself up for success by first solving the fundamentals before you start developing a solution or asking IT for a budget. These most common IoT device management questions can help you find the best device management strategy for your IoT goals.

What problems are often encountered in IoT device management

1. What is the nature of IoT devices?

IoT device management often involves mission-critical industrial equipment where uptime is critical. These types of devices perform functions that are critical to the core operations of a business, so if one device is damaged or fails, the entire business is affected. The variety and complexity of IoT devices is also vast, ranging from a two-dollar temperature sensor to a multi-million dollar wind turbine, which is why IoT device management systems are designed to control a range of device types of varying degrees of complexity .

2. What is the focus of IoT device management?

Businesses looking for IoT device management want to take their IoT to the next level and enable advanced functionality. For example, some enterprises use IoT device management to get more information out of their digital twin systems—virtual representations of physical objects in the digital domain, whose information is typically stored and updated in a device registry. Advanced digital twin designs allow companies to analyze equipment as a whole and model its behavior as a whole. IoT device management can also help businesses use predictive maintenance capabilities by extending them into the field. They can analyze historical data across equipment, such as equipment status, telemetry, and previous failure information, which can be matched with current failure data and other equipment for root cause analysis. For example, a refinery could use insights from data about the health of a pump and similar assets in its fleet to predict impending failures.Joinet IoT device manufacturer

3. How much can IoT devices scale?

In 2017, the number of global IoT devices reached 8.4 billion, which has exceeded the global population and will continue to grow at an exponential rate. In modern IoT deployments, it is not uncommon for devices to scale to hundreds of thousands, millions, or even tens of millions of devices. The sheer number of devices creates a myriad of additional details and issues, which can lead to a host of scalability issues that only IoT can solve.

4. How often do IoT devices need to be updated?

In modern IoT deployments, cloud-based systems require frequent updates to IoT devices. While devices vary widely, many types include a consumer-facing aspect for sales or training purposes. For example, a connected smart toothbrush may require content updates, including real-time collection, storage and management of health data, to provide individuals with greater personalization and control over their own health.

As connected devices become more ubiquitous, adoption of IoT devices will continue to spread, and the challenges surrounding device management will only grow. The best way for IoT device manufacturer to navigate the changing environment is to tackle digital transformation with careful planning and the right strategy. 

As a professional IoT device manufacturer, Joinet specializes in IoT module R&D, production and sales. We also provide IoT application solutions, cloud platform Eco-connect and ODM&OEM services for global IoT solution companies. Joinet is committed to becoming a leading IoT smart connection solution provider, enabling our customers to better serve consumers.

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