Why Do Smart Home Systems Use Bluetooth Modules?


With the in-depth development of the Internet society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the trend of automation and intelligence has swept the world, and the concept of smart home has risen rapidly. The rise and development of the Internet of Things and sensor technology has brought a new look to the smart home industry. Today, the editor will take you to understand why smart homes use Bluetooth modules.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables short-range data exchange between fixed and mobile devices and personal area networks in buildings. The Bluetooth module is a module that uses wireless Bluetooth technology for Bluetooth transmission. The Bluetooth module's external contact with the network environment and internal contact with the operating system play a very important role in the smart home system. The Bluetooth module can connect multiple devices, overcome the problem of data synchronization, and is mainly used in some small smart home appliances. The Bluetooth module enables the terminal to actively publish, obtain and process information. With the development of Bluetooth, all Bluetooth information appliances can be controlled by a remote control, and useful information can even be shared between these smart appliances.

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Why do smart home systems use Bluetooth modules?

Advantages of using Bluetooth low energy modules:

1. Low power consumption and fast transmission rate

Bluetooth's short data packet feature is the foundation of its low-power technology features, the transmission rate can reach 1Mb/s, and all connections use advanced sniffing sub-rated function mode to achieve ultra-low load cycle. the

2. The time to establish a connection is short

It only takes a short 3ms for the Bluetooth application program to open and establish a connection. At the same time, it can complete the approved data transmission at a transmission speed of several milliseconds and immediately close the connection. the

3. Good stability

Bluetooth low energy technology uses 24-bit cyclic repetition detection to ensure the maximum stability of all packets when they are disturbed. the

4. High security

CCM's AES-128 full encryption technology provides high encryption and authentication for data packets.

5. Abundant compatible devices

Bluetooth 5.0 is universally compatible with almost all digital devices, enabling wireless communication between various digital devices.

Compared with other modules, the bluetooth module has the outstanding advantage that the bluetooth module is very popular in the terminal equipment, which makes the application of the bluetooth module in the smart home system more advantageous, the bluetooth module has low power consumption, fast transmission and long distance And other features are the icing on the cake for the application of Bluetooth technology in smart home systems.

As a professional Bluetooth module manufacturer, Joinet's BLE modules are designed for low-power devices, such as sensors, fitness trackers and other IoT devices that require the lowest power consumption and long battery life. Over the years, Joinet has made great progress in the development of BLE modules/Bluetooth modules.

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