ZD-SSV3 Voice Recognition Module 1
ZD-SSV3 Voice Recognition Module 2
ZD-SSV3 Voice Recognition Module 1
ZD-SSV3 Voice Recognition Module 2

ZD-SSV3 Voice Recognition Module

Developed by Joinet, the off-line speech recognition module ZD-SSV3 is based on YT2228, which is an artificial intelligence human-computer voice interaction solution integrating chip and algorithm according to the demand of voice-enabled interaction market and the development direction of iFlytek algorithms. Equipped with the features of high-performance and low-energy as well as software-hardware co-design, the chip enables quick empower voice interaction on all types of devices to greatly boost user satisfaction and product versatility.


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    Single microphone input.

    Mono output.


    Operating range

    Supply voltage range: 3.3V-5V .

    Working temperature range: -10-50℃.

    Working humidity: 20-90%RH.


    Smart Homes
    With the growing development of smart home, the off-line voice recognition module used in it has become more and more popular. And users can control their smart homes using voice commands even when there is no internet connection available, which provides a more secure and reliable way to control smart homes with voice commands.
    Smart Plugs
    The smart plug is a power switch which can be accessed via connection, when connecting with off-line voice recognition module, users could use voice commands to control the smart plug, which could be especially useful in situations where internet connectivity is unreliable or unavailable, or where privacy concerns require keeping control of devices within the local network.
    Smart Lighting
    Off-line voice recognition module can be connected with smart light to provide a more convenient and seamless user experience. For example, users can use voice commands to control their smart lighting systems without the need for a physical remote or a mobile app, which is very useful especially when the users have their hands full. Additionally, offline voice recognition modules can be used to improve the security of smart lighting systems since users can set up a voice-activated security system that recognizes only authorized users' voices.
    Smart Toys
    With the development of technologies, off-line voice recognition module has come into our daily life, which allows users to control the toy or device using voice commands for education and entertainment. What’s more, in cases where a child has hearing, speech, or physical impairments, the voice recognition module can be used to create toys and devices that are accessible to them.
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