Key Performance Indicators of Bluetooth Low Energy Modules


As a popular communication technology in Internet of Things applications, Bluetooth low energy is widely used in smart home, smart wearable devices, consumer electronics, smart medical care and security with the advantages of low power consumption and low delay. With the continuous expansion of Bluetooth low-power applications, which performance indicators should be considered when selecting low-power Bluetooth modules? What are the functions of these indicators? Take a look with Joinet Bluetooth module manufacturer.

Bluetooth low energy module key performance indicators

1. Chip

The chip determines the strength of the Bluetooth module's computing power, and the chip performance directly determines the performance of the wireless communication module. The Joinet low-power Bluetooth module uses chips from internationally renowned Bluetooth chip manufacturers, and the product performance is guaranteed.

2. Power consumption

The power consumption value of each version of the Bluetooth low energy module is different, and the power consumption value of the 5.0 version is the lowest. Therefore, if the product has requirements on the power consumption value in the application, the 5.0 version should be considered first. Joinet Bluetooth module manufacturers develop and produce different types of low-power modules to choose from.

3. Transmission content

The low-power Bluetooth module is a data transmission Bluetooth module that only supports data transmission. The data transmission capabilities of different versions are quite different. In terms of broadcast payload, the 5.0 version module is 8 times that of the 4.2 version module, so it should be based on the application product The actual requirements to choose the option module.

Joinet - Bluetooth low energy module manufacturer

4. Transmission rate

The iterative Bluetooth version has a corresponding increase in the transmission rate. If you want a Bluetooth module with a faster transmission rate, you can choose the Bluetooth 5.0 module first.

5. Transmission distance

The theoretical effective working distance of Bluetooth 5.0 can reach 300 meters. Therefore, if you want to realize Bluetooth communication at a slightly longer distance, you can choose a Bluetooth 5.0 module.

6. Interface

Depending on the requirements of the specific implemented functions on the interface, the interface of the Bluetooth module is divided into UART interface, GPIO port, SPI port and I²C port, and each interface can realize corresponding different functions. If it is just data transmission, it is fine to use a serial interface (TTL level).

7. Master-slave relationship

The master module can actively search and connect other Bluetooth modules with the same or lower Bluetooth version level as itself; the slave module is passively waiting for others to search and connect, and the Bluetooth version must be the same as itself or higher. The general smart devices on the market choose the slave module, while the master module is generally used on mobile phones and other devices that can be used as the control center.

8. Antenna

Different products have different requirements for antennas. At present, the commonly used antennas for Bluetooth modules include PCB antennas, ceramic antennas, and IPEX external antennas. If they are placed inside a metal shelter, generally choose a Bluetooth module with an IPEX external antenna.

Joinet, as a professional Bluetooth module manufacturer, can provide customers with different types of Bluetooth low energy modules. If you have special needs, you can also contact us for product customization or development services.

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