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As a short-distance communication technology, NFC has a wide range of applications, such as mobile payment, channel inspection, automobile, smart home, industrial control and so on. With the continuous evolution of smart home scenarios, a large part of NFC devices will appear in the living room in the future. Learn about the principles, forms and applications of NFC below, and why it can make smart homes smarter.

Principle of NFC

NFC is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology. Devices (such as mobile phones) using NFC technology can exchange data when they are close to each other.

Form of NFC

1. Point-to-point form

In this mode, two NFC devices can exchange data. For example, multiple digital cameras with NFC functions and mobile phones can use NFC technology for wireless interconnection to realize data exchange such as virtual business cards or digital photos.

2. Card reader read/write mode

In this mode, the NFC module is used as a non-contact reader.For example, a mobile phone that supports NFC plays the role of a reader when interacting with tags, and a mobile phone with NFC enabled can read and write tags that support the NFC data format standard.

3. Card simulation form

This mode is to simulate a device with NFC function as a tag or a contactless card. For example, a mobile phone supporting NFC can be read as an access control card, bank card, etc.

Application of NFC

1. Payment application

NFC payment applications mainly refer to the applications of mobile phones with NFC functions simulating bank cards and one-card cards. The NFC payment application can be divided into two parts: open-loop application and closed-loop application.

The application where NFC is virtualized into a bank card is called an open-loop application. Ideally, a mobile phone with an NFC function and a bank card added can be used as a bank card to swipe the mobile phone on the POS machine in supermarkets and shopping malls. However, it cannot be fully realized in China at present. The main reason is that NFC payment under the open-loop application has a complex industrial chain, and the interests and industrial structure of card vendors and solution providers behind it are very complicated.

The application of NFC simulating a one-card card is called a closed-loop application. At present, the development of NFC group ring applications in China is not ideal. Although the NFC function of mobile phones has been opened in the public transportation system of some cities, it has not been popularized.

Joinet NFC module manufacturer

2. Security application

The application of NFC security is mainly to virtualize mobile phones into access cards, electronic tickets, etc.

The NFC virtual access control card is to write the existing access control card data into the NFC module of the mobile phone, so that the access control function can be realized by using the mobile phone without using a smart card. This is not only very convenient for access control configuration, monitoring and modification, but also enables remote modification and configuration, such as temporary distribution of credential cards when needed.

The application of NFC virtual electronic tickets is that after the user purchases the ticket, the ticketing system sends the ticket information to the mobile phone. The mobile phone with NFC function can virtualize the ticket information into an electronic ticket, and directly swipe the mobile phone when checking the ticket. The application of NFC in the security system is an important field of NFC application in the future, and the prospect is very broad.

3. Label application

The application of NFC tags is to write some information into an NFC tag. Users only need to wave the NFC mobile phone on the NFC tag to obtain relevant information immediately. Put it at the door of the store, and users can use NFC mobile phones to obtain relevant information according to their own needs, and can log in to social networks and share details or good things with friends.

For applications in the era of interconnected smart homes, NFC module technology can increase the ease of use of equipment, security, etc., and can change our daily home life to a large extent.

Benefits of NFC in Smart Homes

1. NFC simplifies device settings

Since NFC provides a wireless communication function, fast connection between devices can be realized through NFC module. For example, through the NFC function, the user only needs to touch the video on the smartphone to the set-top box, and the channel between the mobile phone, tablet computer, and TV can be opened instantly, and the sharing of multimedia resources between different devices becomes easier. It was a breeze.

2. Use NFC to develop personalized functions

If the user wants to display a specific channel every time the TV is turned on, with the sound turned off, so that they can select a program or view titles without disturbing anyone else in the room. With NFC technology, personalized controls put it all in your hands.

3. NFC brings better information protection

With the continuous improvement of social informatization, we use online services more and more frequently, and many people are worried about the security of personal identity information. Using NFC module can protect the privacy and security of all information, allowing users to perform all operations with confidence. For example, adjusting a smart device, purchasing a new game, paying for a video on demand, topping up a transit card – all without compromising your personal information or putting your identity at risk.

4. More efficient network debugging

With the continuous increase of smart products, adding new smart device nodes to the smart home network will be a high-frequency demand. Since NFC can trigger other wireless communication protocols, no matter what kind of device you want to add Bluetooth, audio or Wi-Fi to your home network, you only need to touch the node device with NFC function and the home gateway to complete the device. networking. Moreover, this method can also prevent other "unwanted" nodes from being added, resulting in a better user experience and a higher level of security.

As a professional NFC module manufacturer, Joinet not only provides NFC modules, but also NFC module solutions. Whether you need custom NFC modules, product design integration services or complete product development services, Joinet will always leverage in-house expertise to meet your design concepts and specific performance requirements.

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