How to Choose Wifi Module and Bluetooth Module in Smart Home?


With the continuous development of social technology, Bluetooth modules and WiFi modules are more and more widely used in smart homes. The reason why the smart home is smart is actually the module technology, so which one is better to choose a wifi module or a bluetooth module? Before choosing, let's understand the concept and difference between WiFi module and Bluetooth module

The concept of WiFi module and Bluetooth module

WiFi module: A collection of integrated Wi-Fi chips, code programs, basic circuits, devices for transmitting and receiving radio signals, they come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to connect to wireless networks and transmit data through radio waves, making devices able to communicate with each other and access the Internet.

Bluetooth module: a collection of integrated Bluetooth chips, code programs, and basic circuits, capable of mesh networking and data transmission, mainly to complete data exchange between devices.

How to choose wifi module and bluetooth module for smart home?

1. Power consumption

The transmission power and standby power consumption of the Bluetooth module are lower than that of the WiFi module. In the standby state, sharing with one device, the WiFi module consumes an average of 10% of the power for one hour, but the power consumption of the Bluetooth module is 1/3 of that of WIFI.

2. Security

The Bluetooth module also provides two layers of password protection, while the security risk of the WiFi module is the same as that of other networks. Once someone obtains partial access rights, he can enter the entire network. In terms of security, the Bluetooth module is superior to the WiFi module.

3. Communication distance

The effective distance of the traditional Bluetooth module is about 10 meters, and the maximum distance of the Bluetooth module can reach 150 meters; the effective distance of the WiFi module is generally 50-100 meters. Therefore, in terms of distance, the effective distance of WiFi is better than that of traditional Bluetooth!

WiFi module and Bluetooth module

4. Cost

The Bluetooth module is smaller in size and lower in cost than the WiFi module.

5. Mutual interference

The Bluetooth module has stronger anti-interference ability, especially for WiFi and LTE signals, which can avoid "signal jam" in a limited space to a certain extent, and the mutual interference is lower than that of the WiFi module.

6. Transmission speed

Due to the low power consumption design of the Bluetooth module, the biggest disadvantage is that the transmission speed is about 1 ~ 3Mbps. Compared with the WiFi module, which can use 2.4GHz or 5GHz, the fastest 72 and 150Mbps at 20 and 40MHz bandwidth, there is a clear gap between the two speeds. Therefore, the transmission speed of Bluetooth 5.0 is not suitable for video or large file data transmission. So at this point, the function of WiFi is better than the Bluetooth module!


Compared with other wireless modules, the biggest feature of Bluetooth module is low power consumption. It has high popularity in smart devices, wide application, low cost, large output, easy to use, point-to-point, and its disadvantage is that the speed is very slow and the distance signal is limited. The advantage of the WiFi module is that it is fast, one-to-many, multiple people can connect, and the distance is long. The high-power router can cover 100 meters through the wall.

From the comparative analysis of multiple dimensions, it is not difficult to find that the WiFi module and the Bluetooth module actually have their own unique advantages and characteristics. Although the WiFi module is superior to the Bluetooth module in the convenience of networking, transmission rate, and transmission distance, the Bluetooth module is superior to the WiFi module in terms of data stability, security, and convenience of networking. Therefore, before choosing a suitable module, we still have to choose a suitable module according to our own needs and product positioning.

As a professional IoT module manufacturer, Joinet can provide customers with various WiFi modules and Bluetooth modules, and we also provide product design integration services and development services. Joinet is committed to becoming a leading IoT smart connection solution provider. If you want to know more about the functions and applications of WiFi modules and Bluetooth modules, please contact us!

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