Advantages and Applications of Microwave Radar Module


Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the concept of intelligence has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Technologies such as smart home, smart lighting, and smart security are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Among them, as a key technology, the microwave radar module is gradually becoming the mainstream of intelligent upgrading due to its high sensitivity, long-distance sensing and strong reliability.

Introduction to Microwave Radar Module

Microwave radar modules are electronic devices that use electromagnetic waves in the microwave frequency range to detect objects and measure their distance, speed, and direction of motion. They are widely used in various industries because of their high precision and reliability.

The microwave radar module is a sensor that uses the characteristics of microwaves to measure the movement, distance, speed, direction, existence and other information of objects. The basic principle of microwave radar technology is that microwaves radiate to free space through the transmitting antenna. When the electromagnetic wave in free space encounters a moving target, it will be scattered on the surface of the moving target, and part of the electromagnetic energy will reach the receiving antenna through the reflection of the moving object surface. After the antenna receives the reflected microwave signal, it produces scattering phenomenon on the surface of the moving target through the processing circuit.

Advantages of Microwave Radar Modules

1. Intelligent sensor

When entering the induction detection area (within a diameter of 10-16 meters), the light will automatically turn on; after the person leaves and no one moves within the detection range of the sensor, the sensor will enter the delay time, and the light will automatically turn off after the delay time ends (if it is detected again Someone walks around, and the lights will come back to full brightness).

2. Intelligent identification

Simply put, automatic recognition of daylight means that it can be set to illuminate when there is no one in the daytime and only when there are people at night; it can also be set according to needs, and the lighting can be set at any time.

3. Anti-interference ability

It is understood that there are many signals of different frequencies in space (such as 3GHz for mobile phones, 2.4GHz for wifi, 433KHz signals for TV remote controls, sound wave signals, etc.), and the similarity of some signals is similar to that of human body induction signals. , Our products can intelligently identify useful human body induction signals to prevent false triggering of other interference signals.

Custom Microwave Radar Module - Joinet

 4. Strong adaptability

1) The microwave sensor can pass through ordinary glass, wood, and walls. When the ceiling is installed, the detection coverage can reach 360 degrees and the diameter is 14m, and it is not affected by harsh environments such as temperature, humidity, and dust; it is widely used in indoor lighting places: study , Corridors, garages, basements, elevator entrances, doorways, etc.

2) It can be used to control loads, such as ordinary ceiling lamps, fluorescent lamps, tri-proof lamps, LED lamps, etc., almost all lighting fixtures can be used; it can be connected in series with the original light source circuit, small in size, hidden in the lamp, and does not occupy Space, easy to install.

5. Save energy and environment

1) Intelligently control the automatic opening and extinguishing of lights, and truly realize that they are only turned on when needed, which will be more conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction.

2) Some people are worried about microwave radiation, so you can use it with confidence. The microwave power of the product is less than 1mW (equivalent to 0.1% of mobile phone radiation).

Application of Microwave Radar Module

1. In the wave of intelligent upgrading

Microwave radar sensor module are widely used in intelligent lighting, smart home, smart home appliances, smart security and other fields.

2. In the field of smart home appliances

Microwave radar sensing modules can be used in smart air conditioners, smart TVs, smart washing machines and other equipment. By sensing the presence of the human body, automatic control and intelligent adjustment are realized to improve user comfort and energy efficiency.

3. In intelligent lighting

The module can sense the presence of human body or other objects, and automatically adjust the brightness and turn-on time of the light; in intelligent security, the module can sense intruders or abnormal conditions, trigger alarms or take other security measures in time.

Microwave radar sensing module can be used in intelligent lighting system to realize the sensing and monitoring of human body movement. When the human body enters the sensing range, the lighting equipment will automatically turn on or adjust the brightness of the light, and it will automatically turn off after the human body leaves, which brings convenience to life.

In the fields of smart lighting, smart home, smart home appliances, smart security, etc., the application of radar sensing modules not only improves the comfort and safety of life, but also promotes the realization of intelligent scenarios of the Internet of Things.

With the rapid development of smart life, microwave radar sensor module will play a more important role in creating a more intelligent, comfortable and safe living environment for people.

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