Hf E-Ticket 1
Hf E-Ticket 1

Hf E-Ticket

Our HF e-ticket is equipped with a high-security integrated circuit chip, which can achieve fast ticket inspection and effective monitoring.


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    High security: The HF e-ticket is equipped with a high-security integrated circuit chip while at the same time is embedded with unique ID number, which is unalterable and non-marring.

    Highly tamper-proof: In addition to the unique ID number and password input protection, the data can be managed securely using encryption algorithms.

    Quick ticket inspection: Handheld ticket checkers and RFID tickets achieve mutual password authentication via wireless transmission, which need only 0.03 seconds.

    Effective monitoring: When checking, the green light, ringing bell and screen display all help with the fast and accurate ticket validation.

    Efficient management: RFID tickets can record the information of tickets, which can effectively prevent them from being stolen and reused.




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